Monday, July 2, 2012



Since fleas are the most devastating problem for our pets in the Williamett Valley, we recommend that you take quick action against them by visiting your veterinarian and asking for the lastest pill or topical product.  Your veterinarian carries the safest products on the market.  Many cheaper producs available are more chemical ladden and can cause major health risks plus many are a waste of your money because they are ineffective.  Pet Paws rarely recommends chemical solutions to problems but fleas are the most serious health issue for both pets and humans.  Because of the seriousness of the flea problems for dogs and cats, this is your first and foremost line of defense once the fleas begin to make your dog or cat itchy and sick.  Flea allergies are hard to get under control once it has attacked the immune systems of your pet.
Second line of defense for  the problem of  fleas, is to take care of the dogs environment with natural means, such as Diatomaceous Earth and safe natural sprays, shampoos, and bedding sprays.  Chemical flea bombs may be in order for your home if there is a serious infestation.
Thirdly, bath your pet regularly to keep your pets coat and skin healthier and clean, therefore less attractive to fleas in the first place.
NOTE:  A good quality diet that is low or no grain also keeps your pets smelling better.  At Pet Paws we recommend a fresh diet first, canned pet diets with meat as the main ingredient second, and a high quality, clean ingredient low or no grain kibble.
Take care NOW and avoid the terrible traumatic and expensive illnesses that can follow with a flea infestation. 
We carry Natural Chemistry products, shampoos and pet and bedding sprays.
to learn more about diatomaceous earth and flea control and the other uses for DE

Stop in and visit, we have the answers.
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Have a great day and love your pet a bunch with good food, a regular bath and control those fleas, please.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


One of our priorities at Pet Paws is educating pet guardians about pet foods.  We specialize in some of the finest quality diets for dogs and cats.  Our first recommendation is always a fresh diet.  Second is grain free canned and grain free kibble.  Third low grain diets.  We do not carry any diets that contain wheat, corn or soy products.  Our products are also sourced from the United States.  We choose our pet foods based on manufacturing practices, quality of ingredients, ingredients that are acceptable and safe for our pets.


Today we are Happy to introduce a new grain free diet that meets our requirements for manufacturing practices and safe high quality ingredients. 
Grain Free 
 A Chicken & Sweet Potato and a Lamb & Sweet Potato
  A recent visit from one of their sales reps has said that a new additional grain free formula will be on the market soon.
Check out their website.  for more intormation.

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Our customers are giving it  great reviews and the dogs have given it a 4 PAWS UP as well.

Dog Food Advisor has given Hi-Tek Kibble diets with grains a 4 star rating  and it is rated as one of the Best Dog Foods.  Soon to come a rating on the grain free diets.

NOTE: All of the diets we carry have received  the Dog Food Advisor's


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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Sunny days that reach the temperature of 50 degrees are perfect days for fleas to pop out of their eggs and pupae shells.  If you had fleas at any point last year, I urge you to be diligent about flea control even through this winter season.  These beautiful warmish sunny days in our green valley allow flea eggs and larvae to hatch.  Remember to talk with your vet about the products that are available in both topical and pill forms and use them monthly.  Skipping a month will be a big mistake this season.  We are still seeing pets with fleas in the shop.  Note that many of the products over the counter are heavy laden with chemicals that can hurt both you and your pet.  Flea collars only keep fleas off of your dogs head and they smell awful when you love on your pooch.  If you haven't bombed your home, it might pay off to do so after one of these sunny days.   Please use bombs carefully and follow the directions.  If you see your pooch or kitty scratching, a good bath is in order.  Use a specifically formulated shampoo that is both gentle and natural for flea control.  We carry a couple of the flea products that we use at the shop which are safe and natural flea deterrents.
This may also be a good time to lay down some diatomaceous earth (DE) around the house and yard, especially the places that pets hangs out the most.  We carry DE at the shop in both 2 lb and 50 lb bags.
Happy New Year and may we see fewer fleas in this year.

Friday, October 28, 2011


If you saw even one vicious flea on your pet this summer, NOW! is the time to take preventative action for next year.  Don't think because the winter is fast approaching that you can let your guard down just yet.
Fleas can be a devastating problem for our pets in our neck of the woods here in Oregon.  I have seen dogs and cats near death from a flea infestation.  Although I am very pro natural remedies, natural diets, and healthy non chemical alternatives, this is the one time I am willing to use chemicals to prevent the potential flea problems which can  quickly overwhelm our beloved pets beautiful bodies and minds. A dog or cat with flea dermatitis is pretty ugly and stinky and this preventable condition makes the animal unbelievably miserable.
Flea dermatitis is the number one skin and health issue we see at our dog wash throughout the spring and summer.  In our valley fleas are very difficult to fight and control.  They lurk everywhere; cracks, crevices, dog parks,  grassy sidewalks or paths, any place dogs or cats hang out.  Cats are the favored victim with dogs in second place and then some humans fall victim as well.  Fleas harbor disease and are the host for tape worms.
Fleas lay low during the winter but remember one flea seen means hundreds lurking just waiting for that warm day early next spring. Flea eggs and larvae are impervious to our mild winters in the Willamette Valley and can live for years in that developmental state.  A warm day over 50 degrees with the right humidity and a little vibration will allow them to hatch.  They arrive very blood thirsty and ready to dine on the first warm body that comes along.  Adult fleas lay around 50 eggs a day which drop off the dogs and cats as they move around.  Yes, that means, if your pet has even one flea riding along and dining on  his blood, anywhere your dog or cat has traveled, eggs are deposited.
Bomb your home, twice if you had a problem this season, follow directions carefully. (one of two times I recommend chemical warfare for fleas)
Generously spread diatomaceous earth (DE)inside and outside in the places your pets hang out. (Food Grade DE is safe around pets and people, non chemical, natural).
Stock up on a supply of topical products or pills for internal flea control from your veterinarian NOW.  (second time I will recommend chemicals for fleas)
Bath your pet during the winter regularly. (Pets can be bathed regularly, as often as once a month, if you are using a good conditioning pet shampoo)  bathing your pet regularly helps get rid of dead hair and skin and more importantly allows you the opportunity to evaluate your pets skin and coat health.  Pets may not appreciate the act of the bath but you will notice afterwards how good they feel. We see dogs do the "Happy To Be Clean" DANCE after a bath every day.  It is so cute to watch a happy dog dance.
Wash pets bedding.  Actually pets bedding should be washed regularly the same as you do for your family's sheets and blankets.  If your pets sleep with you, washing every ones bedding often is a must.
Check with your veterinarian about worming for tape worms.   If fleas have been a part of your pets life, it is time to consider that your pet might have tape worms. Tape worms are non life threatening unless a pet has a tired immune system  or is already ill from some other disease.
Lastly, if your pet did have a bad time of it with fleas this summer consider adding a multi vitamin to their daily diet. You can also add some canned dog food that contains liver or a couple of raw chicken livers or a tablespoon of raw beef liver to their daily food routine every other day  for four to six weeks.  The reason for this is, if your pet had more than just a few fleas this last season, he is likely to be slightly anemic from the fleas dining on his blood.
If you will do these things in the fall, you may not have any flea issues come spring. 
Your Pets will Love you a bunch for these preventative measures.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dancing with Dogs

Exercise with Rhythm
Have you seen the wonderful and entertaining dog sport, Dancing with Dogs? It just makes you smile to see how much fun one can have with a dancing dog and YES dogs have rhythm. Of course, the professional competitors at dog shows in both America and Europe have choreographed amazing routines, but guess what? You can do it too!  I don’t mean compete, I just mean dancing at home with your favorite pooches with no one watching. No training involved just pure fun with your dog and you both get exercise. Turn on and turn up your favorite polka, chacha, or two step and go for it. Your dogs will love it and you might even encourage a cat to participate. You don’t have to train them to do fancy steps, heck, you don’t even have to know how to dance yourself, just move to the groove. Get down and get funky. Some dogs may prefer a simple waltz but most dogs are willing to join in the fun and get quite excited about all the craziness going on. Your pets may need an incentive, like a treat, to get them off their pillow or the couch, but what dance partner doesn’t need a little encouragement. Perhaps your pal needs a costume or hat to make them feel like dancing or even a flashy red scarf around their neck for that flowing effect.  Just do it and have some fun.  I am sure Richard Simmons would approve.
If you need a visual of what this really looks like, check out any you tube dancing with dogs videos.  Who knows, one day we could see Dancing With Dogs as a new national TV show but for now its about exercise and having fun with our pets.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Memories On the Wind

Every pet that shares our lives leaves us with memories.
In my lifetime many animals have walked with me on my path that left immeasurable impressions. Picture albums of children and pets are my favorite reminders of these memories but I cannot always take the time to sit down with an album to reflect. Our busy lives leave us with little spontaneity, so we find memorials to help fill a void. 
Trees or special plants in the yard, touching eulogies on paper, and homemade stepping stones to memorialize beloved pets, beautiful and thoughtful reminders, were things I knew others had done but I was always looking for something different.
Then one day I was shopping for a gift and a painting caught my eye which reminded me of one of my favorite dogs, Kim, a beautiful rough collie. At that moment, someone in the store softly struck a wind chime on a big display. The tones were muted and gentle and resonated a long time making me reflect even deeper on my beloved collie dog. After the person left the display, I walked over, lightly tapped the wind chime and felt her fleeting presence. She was an exceptionally loving and loyal companion. Of course, the tears welled up. I felt the ache of her loss but as the wind chime continued to sing, a flood of joyful memories became instantly vivid. Well, it didn’t take me long to purchase that wind chime and return home to put it up near my chair on the porch. It had a symbol on it which forever became her symbol.
Now when a breeze sweeps through my porch, one or more of the many chimes that adorn the beams, brings back memories of each creature that has been a part of my, and my family’s, life.